I’ve been working on this little WIP for a few weeks as a request by Nathan Ferguson. He provided me with the concept art and I decided she looked like a fun character. Of course this is a great skill sharpening tool for me since its both a female and a chartoon style which for me both tend to be difficult. So far I’ve gone through many variations and finally came to the render bellow. I find that like clay if you just keep at it you beat it into submission:) Anyways more updates to come:)

Current Progress:)

and the concept art…I’m not sure who created it. Maybe Nathan can clarify:)

Forgot to mention. This is all manual sculpt from a base mesh and I’m using vertex paint to add some color temporarily. Vertex paint is my new favorite newer feature in Blender. It has its limitations but lots of power:)

Also I’m not sure what my plan is for the hair…we’ll see;)

Wow! cute !

Love the style…She is looking very good!

Could you post a front and side…when you have a moment.

I feel I can’t really see her well from this camera lens perspective…are you in the 80 lens range? it looks more like a 50 ish…the lens in blender is troublesome…to my eye anyway.

Awesome mad modeling skills…post the mesh too please.


It’s looks great :smiley: I love it.
btw the concept is by Tim Von Rueden. I got permission from him to create it.
Can’t wait to see the full body model!

She’s gorgeous!

Great face. I’ve been trying to do cartoonish faces, too, but the simpler I try to make them the less smooth they look. Nice work.

Looks clean and great, are you planning to have it be animateable?

I’m going to be rigging and animating it once it is done :slight_smile: Really excited!

the sculpt looks great, it looks much like the concept art.

It’s cute. I like it.

I love it! That’s one cute character!

Thanks Guys:) Here are a few more renders…front and side. Also a render of the current body and a quick wire frame of the head. I think the body is a bit too sexy at the moment…but I always find that making boobs smaller is easier than making them bigger hehe.

And the side view and body render:)

Clean mesh. Body looks good but I agree with you, it doesn’t really match the style of the face.

Face is well modeled and got that defined kind of look. The body needs some work to match the face. Maybe the clothes make the difference it needs.
Also liking the low poly hair. Maybe make something around that. Low poly pants, background or something.
Would be nice idea to construct the scene. :smiley:

I thought the low poly hair was kinda fun as well. I havent decided where I will be going with the hair yet…something simple and quick rendering. Also in regards to the body dont worry I’ll work it till I’m happy with it. I dont have any concept art for the body so I’ll have to get inspiration from the bust concept. Let me ask this…base on the concept what age do you think the girl is?

I think she looks to be in her early 20’s.

Agreed:) Of course this effects the body the most…the proposed age. I’ll do some shaping and stylize the body similar to the face. I should probably note that the clothes will make everything work. The underlining base body mesh is just there for the clothes to take some shape from. Also based on the concept I can tel that the body is much smaller than the head based on the shoulder width…the body is also quite petite:)

We’ll see what I come up with this afternoon:)

Great work…the mesh looks awesome.

one question ?

Chin area looks like it could be a tad thinner… well perhaps sharper… hard to say in words…it looks to my eye like the concept art has a bit more narrow feel to that jaw and chin area.

Its great as is but that chin / jaw tweak might give her a bit more age…she looks a lot younger than 20…

well just a thought.

Awesome work, can’t wait to see more.

Alright so did some work on the head as far as topology goes…cleanup here and there:) Still more to do on the ears, I’m not quite happy with them yet. The body got a good amount of shaping done on it and I’m liking where its going. Still some curves, definitely feminine, but more with the style of the face I think. Comments are always welcome of course.