i was wondering if anybody know what the word ‘cehii’ means? I did a google search and it comes up with sites in an eastern european language (i think). I have, however, been unable to find the meaning of the word…
Can anybody help me on this matter? thanks in advance…


the dictionary.com couldn’t find it. are you sure it’s a word?
and why do you want to no what it means?

Uuups, deleted it :-?

Still suppose it is Romanian for Czech Republic or Czech (some grammar involved)

ceh = Czech

Yeah, i am quite sure that it is a word. It is not english however and thus dictionary.com does not come up with anything.

tordat: yeah i thought that it would be something from that area. When i did a google search it came up with all kinds of sites in a centeral/eastern european language.

i will go through some dictionaries in the book store, maybe i will find it there…