cel shading?

Hello! I’m new and I’m used to Ligthwave 7.5. I saw that blender now has fluidics and some new stuff and a revamped UI so thought I’d give it a try.
2 qs though: How does one go about cel shading in blender to get that cheesy 80s mecha look happening (yea I love force five) and 2
does blender yet support cloth, rigid.soft body dynamics

there is cell shading, but i dont know how to do it right now.

bledner doesnt really have cloth yet, but it has soft bodies and rigid bodies (which arent the easiest to set up, but i think thats going to be fixed soon. maybe :))

the only problem is that the simulators are pretty slow compared to the other modelers out there.

See the rampshader video tutorial, as I remember it can be used to achieve cell shading effect


or see this toon shading tutorial


I hope this will help you.