Celeb Modeling contest

I wonder if we could have one here using Blender like they have one here which is non-application specific. Isn’t this supposed to be what we should be aiming at instead of the usual generic head that actually resembles some existing human being out there:p . Why not likeness of famous people? I have yet to see a thread in this forum with a title, My Second Head or My 5th Head, My 10th Head. :smiley: Why do they always have to be My First Head? :slight_smile:

Oh well, I’m ready to accept the challenge. Setup the rules and I’ll be there. I’m not that good but I’m ready to make an attempt. I’m just sick of doing nameless generic heads.

If you speak about celeb modelling you probably know this already:
Jennifer Garner @CGtalk
(not in blender :()

That’s amazing.

I’m in that competition, check the christopher reeve’s thread

I’m in there too (Robbie Williams) which is actually my 2nd head :D.

It looks like the real thing. The skin, eyes and hair textures looked very realistic. The only thing I noticed that didn’t look right is the ear. It looked a bit big, unless those are what JG’s ears really looked like. Also, do you have the wire shown somewhere? The perpetual rule, IMO, for these 3d pictures is that they should ALWAYS be shown side by side with their wires. The highlight to me here should be the subdivision modeling side of it. Textures, although just as important, are secondary.

Now this is just awesome :eek:


that’s crazy!!!

Dang. Gimme a minute, gotta go look for a dictionary.