Celebrating inventions and achievements in computing

Today I opened another Beer, and just celebrated this gigantic moment which Humanity had to face and experience. Which I feel so Blessed that I lived through to figure things out without any tutorials of showed examples, just because I bothered to type and search for something in order to learn things about creativity in this huge stream of knowledge to be found on internet spite the fact that I hate it as much as I love it after getting into this unimaginable software which another time proved me that I am somewhat focused and Intelligent and I can and I’m allowed to type, read and filter information. The moment when the physics got invented, the sensors and the parenting of ghost sensors to rigid bodies to make hierarchy trees in order to make rigid body drops and execute data generation systems for contexts and to drive so much of systematic randomness towards implementations of artificial intelligence and its choices, moods, actions and so much more in order to entertain.

strip.blend (1.4 MB)

I am stuck on 2.79b, but here above I’ve attached an example of my thoughts within this mega piece of software to approach stuff towards creating something serious. And if You hit P after pulling this .blend down, then by moving the mouse. You’ll notice that the generators dispenser empty is moving which can be attached to user input just as its rotation can be set up to receive data from non stop rocking generator set on a loop actioning or rotating from random generated data intensified structure…
Every time when Generator drops after hitting K (which can be bots, mobs or foes or allies generated need to generate or to take the data which is on the shelf) - while the result checker “Cube.002” as a sensor is checking its drop result in order to set stuff on the
automatic or dynamic shelf. While the shelf itself can be counting data amount and be set to a state in which it will set back into state not receive info only if it is full, or get back if lacks 1 or 2 result data blocks depending on how many creeps or foes are using the shelf after optimizing the system after final decisions of map layouts. If You press K multiple times for example to make x5 data generations - the “=” button has been set to motion data taker “Cube.003” take or end data block and motion the shelf with parented results backwards for next take which in other words can be triggered by generated data or a need of an animated foe, bot or a gained ally depending of users actions in expressions of an artist.
This thing can do so much to someone who has a dream of making a game… Hence, this thought is a bit optimized as You’ll notice that the generator is flat as a disc or CD, so there’s some decent rate at which generators can be thrown in the drop box for next shifting phisics of existent which havent ended yet- while its just timing to knock on in order to optimize - and there for “regeneration” should be taken in consideration to avoid set up sensors moving through data taker in order to avoid generation of row caused by rotating sensors passing through result checker while result sensors keep sawing with generators inertia and making predictable data because it is just spinning - just some messing with it in order to optimize it and make it fair as a simple thing to make reduction of velocity of release at which the generator is being spawned into scene with applied focus on rotation of dispencer empty. Totally mindblowing stuff, I’m still shocked.
While the “S” and “A” Buttons are set to move the shelf while it could be data taker which is actioned and set with property action actuator to move data taker between many shelves depending on total property stack value of some property like luck of some items equipped on The Character.
I hope this one fanned some wind through some Newbie Noob Blenderhead minds!
Wish You all some happy Blender times.

Also chk out the red cube set up with a wicked mouse script to paint with objects on the black Plane by pressing mouse1. So mad! This thing could be linked to implementation of using some points to give commands to game assets to motion towards while executing the run animation and do the rest depending on what some circles are detecting around of it. While the painting could be set up just as taking data by data taker which takes data from the shelf to make asset to motion via row of drop points and be navigable.

P.S. I’ve been suffering from addictions of playing games, and I’m with loads of regrets and even loosing my loved ones because of it I guess. But this knowledge I’ve found allows me to be free of addictions of playing games and allows me just to dream consciencelessly without any boundaries that I could come up with a software which could work in towards favours of mine and my better future while I am asleep because I still believe that some people want to be wowed and entertained. And who knows maybe even to earn a living from it so I could even donate something for this mindblowing community if ill manage to make any money with it.

Peace and Huge thanks for inventing this thing!