Celebs come out against CGI casting of James Dean in new film

Oh, those who pretend are scared again. :grinning: buhuhu…
I think it’s time to bring all & every character into digital domain… into The Book of Eternals.
Of course for free, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
For future of being, for humanity sake.
Either way, it will be done.

Show must go on!

Not sure i want to see more Elvis movies in the future! :rofl:

When voice synthesis is added on, a movie director can avoid the issue of an actor’s contract running out or the actor dying in the middle of a series, remember how the sequel to The Matrix was supposed to have the Oracle, what about the third Star Wars trilogy and Princess Leia’s actress dying?

The question will be if the audience will accept such a thing, I could see it quickly becoming a bad thing if Hollywood suddenly decided to “raise up” every single notable actor from young Shirley Temple to Robin Williams and spam them in a bid for easy money.

I’m kinda torn on this one… on the one hand, I applaud the tech involved in recreating humans and like it or not, a ton of movies have snuck in digital humans without us knowing :slight_smile: . On the other hand, I don’t want this to become a means to replace people for no reason. I don’t think we should be putting deceased actors into a film just because we can, but I don’t mind seeing a cameo here and there.

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I’ve heard quite a few horror stories about actors on set and I can not help but wonder if it is simply less work (and expense) to find a CG crew to recreate/create an actor rather than dealing with high drama and maintenance actors.

the real problem here is that hollywood only knows how to make sequels or remakes. :roll_eyes:

As long as they don’t algorithmise EMOTIONS, I’m cool. (which, we’re almost there, btw).