A little model I made of my sister in Norway, in style of her polaroid photos for her birthday :slight_smile:

I was trying out the polypaint build for Blender with this one!
I can really recommend it for any Blender users that are reading this … though it is still in early development it is a massive step up from the classic vertex painting! :smiley:
-> https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?405772-Polypaint-in-Blender!-Its-happening-D

Here’s also a viewport screenshot:

Anyway I hope you like it and I’ll be back soon!

Nice model. I love your work

Fantastic work as always! :slight_smile: I really like the polaroid version while I find her hair in the colour version a bit too yellowish.

May I ask how you created her beanie and her hair? Are you using extruded curves for the basic shape of the hair and then you bool them together before sculpting? Whenever I tried that it always ended in a mess during dyntopo sculpting :spin:

For the hair I layed out some basic flow & shapes with the skin modifier. There are about 6 separate hair objects around the head which I then sculpted with dyntopo but didn’t need to merge.
For the beanie I wanted to make it quick & easy with dyntopo while testing out the speedsculpt addon but it got a bit too high res and a total mess with Blender crashing multiple times :smiley:
I just sculpted it out of a sphere with extracting the other little shapes on top of it and then sculpting in the detail with an alpha texture (I also kept them all separate … no need to merge/bool them together :wink: )

Lovely work, thanks

beautiful work as always!