Cell Factor playable demo is out!!!!

For those of you who dont know what cell factor is, its basically a game that utilizes the ageia physx processor, which is like a seperate peice of hardware devoted to processing physics. If you watch the trailer, you just stare in aww at the sheer beauty of this game. And the physics are just amazing. The demo is here


BEWARE!! you must have the physx processor to play this game. Or do you? the answer is… NO. There is indeed a way to bypass this.

once you have installed the demo, go to C/Program Files/Artificial/Cellfactor/Systemeditor. Load the map editor program exe (looks like a spoon). once in the editor, go to file then open. make sure that the file types to show is set to all. then go to C/Program Files/Artificial/cellfactor/cellfactor/maps/Limbo_fuelingstation . In this folder load Limbo_fuelingstation.reb. Once this is loaded, go to game then play:D

Their website says…
AGEIA PhysX Accelerator (Yes, it is required!)

I didn’t try your ‘fix’ yet. More often these games require specific hardware. It is almost like buying a new gaming system when upgrading your computer.

I could buy this for $3,099.99

orrrrr you could buy a AGEIA PHysX… card for $200… unless u need a special mobo

orrrrr you could buy a AGEIA PHysX… card for $200… unless u need a special mobo

And another XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo…

According to this http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2751

It actually slows down the performance when doing the fancy stuff.

They say, " …an issue with the fact that we are using early software and early hardware…".
I’d wait for the next version.

I plan on getting the physx processor soon. I cant find any for 200 bucks though. only 280 to 300.