cell fracture help

I never get perfect fitting meshes with cell fracture. I do not see perfect meshes in the tutorials I’ve seen. So how do the animate the breaking glass where part of the glass is intact and part is broken but I see no cracks in the intact part that is soon to break.
How do I make a glass break but not all at the same time?


in the outliner panel you can keyframe the renderability of objects. render your cup to the point of fracture then restrict its renderability, do the opposite for the shards, restrict their renderability until the shatter frame, then keyframe them to render. (this can take a while if you have many shards!) there is also a way to choose which layer to render, but the tutorials i have seen were confusing and didn’t seem to work in recent versions, and i havnt quite figured that tecnique out yet

I used before the destructibility editor and if I remember right I got best results for what I want with cell fracture. I have been trying to get destructibility editor I downloaded 2 Builds this link came from the destructibility editor thread in scripts and themes here at BA. I see no destructibility anywhere here. Did they change the name? move it? Hide it? here is the mesh. I see other people make better. fractures then me. win64 test build:
win64 test build:http://graphicall.org/1031

I think it just does not like the mesh. It works on torus fine or great cant see a seem. I just did a spin glass and it looks fine. This A looks like a simple mesh to me but it does not like it. The letters spell graphic i tried a few with the same result it really does not like the r. The letter a above has applied subsurf 1
I can not fracture this