Cell Fracture not working properly

Hello, I have a scene in which a big text falls onto a lot of monsters that I’d like to fracture while the text falls.
Text is an animated rigid body.
My problem is that the monsters are not breaking progressively when they are hit by the text, the start to break as soon as the first monster gets touched.
Is this normal and inevitable?

I tried both joining all the monsters together and fracture but I also tried to fracture the single monsters, the result does not change.

Any hints?

Sound like the monsters are linked then? Have you tried just adding a cube and doing cell fracture on that and see if there are any differences.

I have noticed that a fractured object reacts right away when touched. To animate that I think you have to switch beween animated and simulated in the settings and keyframe it.

Not sure how you set it up now, but maby thats it?

I have a couple ideas.

Maybe in the rigid body controls for your objects, you can change the shape of it to mesh. I think this will more accurately define the collision of the objects, but make loading times slower.

My second idea is go underneath the deactivation tab in rigid body controls, and there should be a setting for how much velocity is needed to activate the objects. Maybe you can increase that so more force is needed.

I’m not sure what the animation looks like, but maybe you can switch the text from animated to not animated right before the initial impact by key framing animated on 2 frames before the impact and key framing it off 1 frame before the impact. That should make the collision more accurate.

If none of this works I’d try some troubleshooting by dropping a small cube on one of the monsters and see if they all still crumble, or animating a small cube, or making the text not animated.

I hope this helps!

Keep “animated” checked on all bits of the monsters until the point in the timeline when you want them to break. This will likely be very tedious.