Cell Fracture not working

I have a mesh that I am trying to fracture, unfortunantly I am not having a very good time doing so. The cell fracture seems to only work half way before it stops, leaving large mesh squares in the way or even areas of the original mesh would be gone entirely.

I do not know if its due to the 106k poly count, I’ve tried to reduce it as much as I could but if I reduce any further I lose details in the model.

I’m attaching an image to show what I mean. I’ll also attached the .blend file, in hopes that someone might be able to figure out what I am doing wrong.

In the .blind, the solid mesh is on the first layer. The broken cell fractured one is on the second. The third layer has the seperate mesh into its own objects, each mesh has had its polies reduce as much as I can do it without losing the details. I’ve broken the mesh into bites in order to get the textures I created (amatuer but eh) to work.

Saved the .blend as a zip-file.



Cell Fracture does not operate properly if input mesh is not manifold, does not have volume.
You probably need to separate elements and add Solidify mod on some parts before you can fracture them individually.