cell fracture problem

Hi I’m working off of a tutorial by Blazraidr, which covers both cell fracturing and the bullet constraints add on, I haven’t got to the constraints yet, because I have a major problem with the cell fracturing. I’m using his recommendations as a starting point
-own verts
-source files 500
-noise 1.0
-recursion 1
-random .5
-unchecked split edge , set margin to 0

This is my problem … Its not fully completing the fracture. It starts off nicely but then it completes… I look at my cell fracture layer and this is what I see…

any help on what could be causing the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a link to that tutorial?

do you have a wire view of the base model or a blend file?

Hey Small Troll, I was able to get it fixed enough to make it usable. I still had 1 small problem, but since the building is going to blown up with lots of fire, smoke ect. I’ll be able to cover the one issue up where it shouldn’t be visible. I’ve already began the rendering process. I’m using that constraint add on, but finding it really increases the rendering times. The blow up I’m doing is running about 11 min per frame ugggggh. But thanks anyways.