cell fracture problem

Hi guys so i have managed to figure out the cell fracture addon and use it to good effect however i have one annoying problem that is surely a simple one to solve …

ok my simple scene has a glass falling and it smashes against the floor into 300 pieces but my glass is clearly already broken ie the cracks and gaps between are allready visible before the glass reaches the floor i have a bullet constraint holding the glass together until it hits the ground but it does not hold the glass together tight enough for the glass to appear as a whole object any help would be great guys hope i explained clearly

Have an unbroken glass falling until it hits the ground. Then that object is hidden and the currently hidden broken glass becomes unhidden.

You can hide objects from being visible in the viewport and renderability by the icons in the outliner window.

ok sooo maybe im missing an important step but i am setting keyframes to the visibility and am having great trouble getting the timing right do i make both glasses fall at the same time or what im confused admittedly it does not take much to do so but could somebody talk me through the process thanks guys