Cell fracture visible cracks

Hey there!

I’m using Cell Fracture addon, and my problem is that i can’t make an “airtight” fracture, means there is no distance between the fractured parts.
I need an invisible fracturing, so there should be no spaces between the cracks

Is there any idea how can i make “vertex snapped” fracture pieces?

Your best bet is to use a whole object and then swap it out for the fractured object when appropriate.

Sadly that’s not an option, but thank You for the quick reply!
My best workaround that i have hand made “fracture volumes” (planes with subdivided with fractal), and then duplicated the intact mesh and boolean intact A with intersect, and intact B with substract.
Lucily the mesh is more like vertical columns, so only horizontal fracture was enough at this time :stuck_out_tongue: