Cell fracture weird edges

Hello there ^^ pretty new to blender i’m starting to learn the cell fracture addon ! and i’m wondering why when i use it on the default cube the “cut” are perfectly clean but when i’m using it on one of my model (sculpt in zbrush) it’s doing this kind of thing ?
The thing is i want “clean” edge (i try to apply scale and all but it idn’t work, sadly )
so if anyone know ty for the help ^^
the result on my model :

Hi man,
I’m a newbie to blender too . I have a same problem . I tweak a lot with this addon .
The simple issue I found is :

  • Reduce your Source limit
  • Check Debug Bolean
  • Then Apply Bolean modifier to each fracture (via Python Script its faster, if you have more than 10pieces)

Let me know if it can help you