Cell from Dragonball Z WIP

Hi. I just decided to try and do a 3D model of Cell in his perfect form from Dragonball Z. I just started out by trying to do the head piece and this is the result I got. What do you think of the result so far? I’m going to work on his body armour next when I can since it’s in my mind.


nice start ^^
but i think a simpler background would be better to show the shape

Thanks and yeah, I agree. Anyway, I went ahead and edited my Cell model and I just decided to try and make the face to get it over and done with and it seemed to go quite well for once (I’m not normally good with faces). I just need to get red of the spec on the skin and it’ll be fine (And maybe shape the chin a little bit more.)


He is taking shape!

Thanks :D!

Ok. , Guys, I’ve been editing my Cell model this morning, where I’ve added the neck and the shiny, black chest and shoulder armour. I’ve also tweaked the materials and shape of his face and head piece a little and combined the render with cell-shading (No pun intended :D!) and AO.

What do you think?


nice ^^

the shaders at the face are pretty good, can’t wait to see more

good model so far :slight_smile:

Thanks :D! Ok. I’ve been at my Cell model again and managed to finish off Cell’s body. I’ll probably tweak things around a little and put in some minor detail. After that, I’m going to join the meshes together and try to rig him, if I’m successful, I’ll try and get him into the Kamehameha stance. For now, here’s a screenshot of the model 's front and side views, a toon render and a normal render.


yeah thats cool :wink: i like the toon style :eyebrowlift: