cell phone

A couple weeks ago I bought my first cell phone :). I really liked the design, so I decided to model it. I worked on this in my free time for the past few weeks. A not-quite accurate model of the LG VX-6000. C&C are appreciated.


-Edit- New Render (with a mic hole…) New Render


I don’t know about accurate, but it looks pretty damn realistic. Good job!

I don’t really have any crits, but i wish you hadn’t cropped the edges of the phone off.

Needs a microphone hole at bottom

In the bottom corner of the clear display cover, I see a white streak, from where your mesh is mis-shapen, presumably.

yeah, it needs a mic hole…

and I believe the white streak is part of the reflection, not an error in the mesh.

thanks for the comments

you can bet that when this is done it’ll be on the Blender3D gallery page…Nice jobe… :o :o :o

Good work, beautiful render. What kind of lighting setup did you use?


holy rendering! perfect!
i like the translucent material a lot!


ive got the same phone, it looks really nice, cept the screen needs to be a bit bigger

sh*T, i posted, then it said i cannot post twice in this small amount of time, so i assumed it didnt post it, sorry

simply but very cool

skeletor now what did mummy say about double posting :stuck_out_tongue:

btw very nice work indeed


thanks for all the kind comments

For the lighting setup, I used 1 area light and 1 lamp. The lighting probably could’ve been set up better, but I’m more into modeling than lighting.

Check the top post for a new render.

wow, nice job, good wood textues. Maybe try turning on the OSA though. :stuck_out_tongue:

OSA was at 16

o, sorry, it looked kinda jagedie though… :-?

no prob. I asked for comments, didn’t I? :slight_smile:

Great! The text on the buttons are a little off, but other than that it looks pretty photo realistic! Great job! I hope to see this in the blender3d.com gallery.

How does an image get put in the blender3d.com gallery?