Cell phone

I know, a bit boring subject, but alas, here it is. I’ve modeled this one before x-mas actyally, but never actually rendered it, so here it is, my first finshed pic for year 2005.


and here’s wire shot if someone is interested.


Rendered in Blender, some postpro done in PSP7.

Comments would be nice. :smiley:

Hey, I like it, especially the buttons. The screen is a little small, but I think it’s a good model.

That’s pretty cool. I specifically like the material of the buttons though. They look like Jello… it makes me want to play with them.

I like the display. Did you make it or was it a picture.

Thanks from the replies :smiley:

Bijin: Thanks, but actually the screen is pretty much the size of my real life cell phone screen. Tought the model itself is a mix of two different Nokia’s.

Marcoscosci: I made the screen image myself. Not very hard thing to do because of the low resolution of old cellphone screens.

Whiteboy: thanks, actually the button mateial was a lucky mistake, but I liked them too so much that I decided to leave them so. :smiley:

Keep em coming