Cell Project

It started out as a school project… Just a regular 3D schlock-job to give my project some added appeal. But I liked the layout, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, because right now, it’s like I said; Its a schlock-job.


Okay, I just changed the Golgi Complex a bit (that’s the weird-looking scribble thing all the way to the left in the cell.) Nothing really else, that’s it. Next I’m aiming to change the materials of the cells in the background so that they don’t look like dog crap.

EDIT: Ah, genius… I just forgot to attach the image.


Looks nice, just be sure to add all parts of a cell later on. And you can make a membrane by cloning the base mesh and scale it just slightly up. then lower its alpha to 0, and use ZTransparency for a bubble, liquid look. [Ray Transp. is better used for Refractions, or the level of IOR, for example glass, and liquid. You don’t necessarily want to have refraction here.] Now, to me it looks a little too bumpy, but I do not know the type of cell. Post the type of cell so I can look it up and actually know what I’m talking about.

Heh heh, I enrolled for highschool 2day, and I have my plan set up so that I get Computer Modeling and Animation by my Sophomore year. Yes I’m this young. Don’t laugh.
AP ftw~!

It was actually supposed to be a generic cell, being as the idea for the project was just the fact that the human body can carry out such complex functions, even though they were all based on chemical compounds and reactions.

PS: I just signed up for 3D art and JAVA / C++ for freshman year. I’m not laughing.

I like the fact that you made background cells. Cell is OK if you are going to show off in front of your [non-CG] friends. I would just say maybe make it transparent, add all the organs inside, and make a membrane (you can use my way if you wish, it was taken from Tony Mullen’s Introducing Character Animation to make an eyeball spec.)

@Thriidae:JAVA/C++? Your dead. to do 3D design, I need 2 years of Webpage design to master like 5 Adobe products. I’m planning to go to Gnomon: School of Visual Effects, but that’s a long way off.

You don’t really have to use “@ThriiDae”… I think we’re the only two in here.

@N00bhaxor: And my school district sucks; I have to imagine that their version of JAVA and C++ is something like “This is a computer. This is a programming language. Now quick, bang two rocks together or something, and we’ll have a test on it later.”

Believe me, you’re not missing much.