cell shaded minigun man

this is one of the few things ive made that ive actully come close to calling finished, so here it is, what dyall think??


Very nice.

great work. i love the perspective. probably would make a great animation

Very nice, love the string of bullets!

Don’t know if this was intended, but it threw me off a little to have the background’s “star” flare (lower-left) not match the perspective’s vanishing point. Otherwise, very cool look! That’s some weapon he’s tossin’! Very “Preditor 1”-ish.

Any plans to do a toon rendered version of the “commander” from your wip thread?

The feet are not flat on the ground. Otherwise it looks fantastic.

Only one thing to say: GET SOME!!!

Ooh, looks sweet! Great modelling and it seems like you used a 1 point perspective too. I don’t have really any crits. :slight_smile: I would like to see him animated of course, but I would think blender would need an easier way of doing hard body dynamics.

Cool work. 8)


ah great to see some use of toon shading, and done so well! gah, i need to watch some anime now.

very cool!


Friggin Sweet!

thanks for the comments guys, wasntexpecting so many :slight_smile: , i think i am gunna possibly try to animate him, its just my really quite usless pc thats holding me back from doing that, the rendering times would be huge, and to khnum, im working on the flag dude now, lol but for some reason unknown to me, its prooving very hard to get the same effect i gt on the mini gun guy.

Lovin’ the art work…

looks great and full of ‘going-forward-no-one-can-stop-me-until-i-am-dead’ dynamic.

just one word

wow :smiley: