Working on some musical instruments with distorted geometry:


Moving on from the cello to the flute. Realising now I’m going to have some problems with the overall composition - the image I’m working towards will combine four musical instruments, originally they’d just be in a line in a widescreen image, but as they’re different sizes bringing them into one composition will be tricky. Any ideas appreciated.

Added a drum & trying out a composition. Still a lot to do with materials & lighting.

These look cool stylised, but I feel like they’re crying for lux or cycles.

since you are making everything with super-distorted shapes, don’t worry about scale or proportion either, just focus on composing the scene.

http://www.subeducation.info/avatar3.jpgMoving on from the cello to the flute.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been trying out Cycles but not really getting anywhere - at 10-15 minutes per render, I just don’t have the time to keep varying the buttons. Any suggested settings? The scene is just objects on a plane, with two light sources. The cello has a wood texture which hasn’t yet shown up in any Cycles renders.
Blender internal render.

Cycles. Default settings. 10 min 15 sec

Cycles (5th attempt.) Samples 16. Bounces max 3 min 1. Light paths 8 each, caustics off. Exposure 5. Point lamps replaced with emitter planes. 11 min 51 sec. Incidentally I assumed (wrongly) that some of these changes would speed up the render.

I’m going through other Cycles threads looking for guidance but any suggestions gratefully received - thanks.