Small cello WIP I have been spending some time every now and then… Feedback is appreciated :yes:


I think it looks quite good but you need to tweak the lighting.
It’s very flat and (dare I say it) boring lighting. Try to create some shadows or different colors.

Also, the brick texture has no displacement/normal map I guess. So it is looking really fake.

Tip: Get a nice HDRI map and set the power to something low like 0.3.
then make some interesting lighting ( i recommend watching tutorials from Gleb Alexandrov or blender guru about lighting)

why the HDRI map? its for the reflections, For example: youre cello stands iron shader is super rough. If you want to make it more iron you net to use 100% glossy or use a PBR metal shader.

I hope you found it usefull. Good luck

Some minor adjustment to lighting and materials… That carpet looks terrible though… Back to blender —>


The front plate looks a bit flat to me

great work, in a way the wood texture is too linear it should be better with some relection on it…