Cellphone Silver

Im currently working on a model of my cell phone and I need to know how to make a silver-ish color. It reflects, but not like a mirror, it just reflects blurry blobs of color. I need to make a light gray material that does just this, but I can’t figure it out. Can someone help me?

Also, since this is also lighting forum, I need to match source lighting and make it blend seamlessly. Not hard right? :wink: If you guys have some tips for me, please post a reply. Thank you!

This should be exactly what you’re looking for, I figured it out for another user a week or so ago:


Just play with the emit value until you get the color that you’re looking for in the reflection.

Well… assuming that you’re going to use Blender Internal, I would say start with your RayMir setting to on, just not set too high. Also turn up your Fresnel setting some. Try fiddling with with Frac setting as well.

Oops… sorry Rambo, didn’t catch your post.