Slapped this together this evening. Will find some proper materials tomorrow as it’s half past twelve now. Some red-ish wood for the earpiece and body and the rest will be gold.


Great image - you get 5*'s for the originality.

Is that sarcasm? If it is, then why? And if it isn’t then I’m terribly sorry for this lol.

In any case, what I’ve done since yesterday:

  • made a wood texture
  • made a gold texture
  • fixed some smoothing problems
  • added an antenna
  • improved spec on the wire

The reflections are from random cubes I dumped in the scene to see how the reflections would look. Without them the gold looks boring and you can’t really tell if it’s reflecting. I’ll have to get one of those textures in there that make it look like it’s in an environment. I forgot the name for them. I also need to get some numbers on the dial.

Comments and criticism are welcome.


Done with texturing. The UV-maps are a mess but meh, it doesn’t show in the render luckily.

I could use some help now as I don’t really know what to do next. I don’t want to make a scene for it, just a display of the model itself but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the bland look of the metal and wood.


Hey, that looks pretty nice, but why are you calling it a cellphone?

Also, the links keep redirecting me to imageshack.us. Not to your pics. You should check it out.

If you want to have something to reflect you should use a HDRi image. Tutorial

I think it could look good if it was in some kind of display case, That way you could get away with quite a plain ‘floor’ as it’d fill the scene a little more. Something like this i had in mind but with a reflective base instead of wood:

@ Odean: Damn, that’s pretty awesome, thanks alot. And great idea about the display case.

@The Blender-er: I call it a cellphone because it’s a phone and it’s portable. Though I may as well have called it a walky-talky because of it’s size.

In any case, HDRi image :smiley:


Now to make a display case. I’ll probably have it rest on an angled support so I can get away with not having to model a wall.

And it seems that I’ll have to fix the UV-map for the dial again, some of the numbers look off-centre.

Thanks all.


Ugh, ugly black dots everywhere. Does anybody know what they are? They only appear on the edges of bright spots and are in no way caused by the mesh itself. Also, I took another HDR image, this one gives the gold a much warmer look. Also did a quick display stand.

I’ll do a case later.


I’ve found that rendering the image twice the normal size and then rescaling it in photoshop gets rid of most of the dots but it’s still far from good. Are there any easier ways to get rid of them?


a steam punk cell phone!

Show us a wire frame :smiley:

Wowser, the fact that you did that in one evening still has me trying to make the connections in my brain realise it’s possible! Steampunk! Great!

@ Tedcase: Here’s a wire for you, though there really isn’t that much to see in it. Lot of subsurf and use of the spin tool.

@ Krayon: Thanks. Though I have to say that this isn’t that much, just some basic modeling.


I think I’m going to take a picture of a dinner table and use that as a texture for the surface it’s standing on, then call it done. I might throw it in Focused Critique to see how much there’s still to improve but I doubt it.


I need a bigger texture…


Or perhaps I don’t.

Possibly the last update on this before I post it in the Finished Projects board. Unless you guys spot something that absolutely needs fixing.


I rendered it in 30724096 and then resized it to 7681024 to get rid of all the overly bright spots and the black dots that are located near them.

No crits, it’s extremely well done; FOCUSED CRITIQUE awaits a masterpeice!

Bump because I’d like some opinions and suggestions for improvement.

The only things I don’t intend to change are the model and the white background.

Maybe you could try placing it in somekind of a display case, You know, rest it on a satin pillow or something, so it would have some sort of environment.

Just great, really. Made me laugh, as well as inspires me. Unique idea; I like the display case. It would work quite well with this model.

wow dude thats some nice stuff:yes::yes: the should’ve had something like that back in the day.