Cellphones - Animated Short

A story about cellphones, secrets and, some Jackie Chan-esque choreography. Let me know what you think.

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Alright, I just have to ask on how were you able to do the fight choreography? Is it easy for you to accomplish at times?

Well planned out! Great how the scope broadens, and all the character motivations make sense in the end. A few genuinely funny moments.

The detailed animation needs help though. Lacking a lot of secondary motion. Pauses are too long, and many do not employ the “moving hold” technique. Try turning down the IK influence just a tad as well.

The rendering could be more stylized as well. Maybe use the compositor to make things more cell shaded? Add some outlines around the characters? The look is rather default-blender, and you could communicate more about the scene and action by stylizing it.

And, in a broader sense, the fight sequences probably take a lot of time to animate, yet I feel they add the least to the piece as a whole. While the character motivations are explained, the character’s abilities never are. Is this some sort of martial-arts anime school or something?

It just takes time and practice. Thank you for the comment

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I agree there’s not much secondary motion. There are moving holds but they’re sublte(maybe too suble).

I’ve done cell shading in previous animations:

and wanted to do something different with this one. I previously made pbr shaders that I thought looked nice so I used them for this animation.

I enjoy animating fight choreography and I think it’d be a pretty boring animation if it wasn’t there. Fight choreography is what the second word implies, a dance. Though it may not add much to the story it’s fun to watch animated characters dance with each other under a guise of a fight. As for the characters there’s an entire lore I have in my head. This is meant to be a small stand alone snippet of the world. The only things you really need to know about this story and it’s characters are the two can fight and the robot can stop time.

Thanks again for the comment.

Love the storyline!

Man that was great!!
Just the models can be better.