Celtic Jewelry WIP (jewlry box update)

Well, last weekends WC inspired me to continue modeling various celtic knots. I figured a reasonable way to present them would be to turn them into jewlry. Eventually all this stuff will make it into 1 scene, but until I have a reasonable collection I’m gonna keep them seperate (my computer hates me). I’d love to here any C&C.

WC 110 earings:

This bracelette is my latest piece. I’m going to do some more work on the gold texture… there is just something wrong. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Like the post that says “CHICK” this seems to suffer from blenders own weaknesses like raymirror not being quite right. Otherwise it would be really impressive. I also wonder if theres some way to make it look smoother or higher poly, but I’m not quite sure what to suggest.

I’m having problems with those white specs :o … OSA is at 16… any suggestions on how to get rid of them?


Are you using Yafray or the internal Blender Render?

If you are using the internal renderer, you can go to
your F5 shader menu and select OSA.

There are now 2 OSA button’s in the new 2.34 Blender.
One of them are “hidden” inside the F5 shader-menu.

Thanks Jo0ngle, I’ll give it a shot

Well, I started on the Jewlry box last night, I think I’m going to put a twist on it for the WC 111. The only texture that I plan on leaving the same is the silver thats on the trim around the box. C&C would be greatly appreciated.



Well its coming togather… I’m pretty happy with how its turning out so far. only thing thats bothering me are the green stones. I’ll have to spend more time on that texture. Anyway, thats it for tonight. Lid and legs are yet to come. I’d love to get some C&C and suggestions on this piece.


Well, I’ve started on teh outside of the lid. I like how its coming along so far. I didnt use ray trace on this, the previous picture shows what the textures look like with it. Anyway, let me know waht you think so far.


Very nicely done spindlerift, you’re really good with these celtic patterns.

looking good, maybe a tutorial on those knots later?

that really looks great
and a tutorial…drewls
did you do those by using curves? and then converting to meshes?
materials are good-great
the inside of the box looks realistic

downside : the stones

Thanks guys! I’d be happy to put togather a tut. on making these things. Its really easy. I would really like some suggestions on the stones. I agree with you, Souless, that they are a/the weak part of the box. If you guys have .blends with materials you think would look good (perferably procedural), or suggestions on things I should try, I’m all ears.

Some of these may give you some ideas, the musgrave “stone” :wink: material came to mind specifically when I read your post.

I think this is a definite candidate for a YafRay render, lots of great detail to throw caustics & such. Only caveat is, I don’t think there’s exactly extensive support for blender procedurals in YafRay currently. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, I only skimmed the previous posts.