Celtic Ring

It has been over a month since I have even opened Blender on my computer and let me tell you it feels good to be back doing something again.

That said rather than trying to go back to tackling some of my bigger projects right away I decided to make a few more bits 'o jewelry first as I quite enjoy doing so. This first one I am working on is a simple celtic ring design with a ring box. I need a higher resolution wood texture for the ground and I am not really happy with my attempt at the felt for the box. But that is what a WIP forum is for, what.


hey man, its looking good, the main thing i would change is brighten up the render a little.

keep it up

Only crits are, a brighter render would indeed be better. And maybe render it with Yafray and a HDRI probe.

Oh and heres a nice wood texture if you want to use it(Can’t recall where I got it from). Its not high res, but it is tileable.


I keep forgetting that my laptop screen is that much brighter than normal monitors. I just checked it on my PC and good heavens is it dark. Thanks for the wood texture, I’ll rerender it with that and a fair amount lighter. Then on to adding in photon lamps and HDRI and rendering it in yafray.