Celtx - movie pre-production desctop


Celtx has an industry standard screenplay editor with all of the features writers need to keep their fingers moving, like intuitive formatting, text auto-complete, pagination, script styles, CAPS selection, scene management, spellchecker, embedded notes, find and replace, and PDF generation.
Celtx also supports plain text document editing so you can write a poem, music lyrics, or your complete Novel.


Sotware distributed under BSD-like license.

Pretty good, also the whole collaboration thing. The only thing preventing me from using it is the whole PDF exporting thing – for some reason, it won’t do it if I don’t log in to my celtx account first (!!!). And I don’t have an internet connection at home.

The latest version of Celtx (v0.9.9) is out and looks quite nice. I haven’t played with it much, but it looks very promising.

This has come a long way from the earliest versions. If anyone here is doing films collaboratively online you’ll definitely want to check this out for it’s web based features alone.

i’ve been using it every day for a month now, and it is excellent. It is a whole database for a director; scripts, characters, actors, scenes, sets, calendar, and much more. highly recommended.

Nice, I’ll suggest this to my producer friend (not sure if he already has something like it though).