Celty Sturluson (low poly character)

my second work in Blender


Wow – she looks hot. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job on this.

@huangjy, thank you very much :)[TABLE=“class: gt-baf-table”]


a few more images with high poly Celty - preparation Celty for 3d printing :slight_smile:


Wow really nice work

@JWieger82, thank you :slight_smile: I am glad that you liked

she looks really cool

quite nice :slight_smile: is this your second 3d work ever? or just your second blender work?

Second blender work, but also a second job in creating characters :slight_smile: ,and first experience in sculp

thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Very cool! Think you did a great job with all the folds in her outfit. You should show the 3d print if you get it printed!

@Shakedown try to bring her into an acceptable kind for 3d printing (eliminate existing shortcomings). After Max4er print this model. If I will have pictures printed model, then I surely share them with you. :slight_smile:

Really a wonderful work hikkikamori,
her proportions are perfect, and she is very attractive, BRAVO!

I have just one note about her back: the vertical crease across her back is excessive, and it should stop above the pelvis.
This is true even for a bare body, much more for a tight rubbery suit like that, which would stretch instead of follow the body concavity.


Oh, thank you Paolo. As for the vertical crease on her back - you are right, thanks for the comment. There is another problem in the crook of the elbow of his left hand, it is strange that this nobody not told . And for some reason I noticed it only when I uploaded images :slight_smile: Although this vertical crease on her back, steel watch excessively after I placed her on the wall. In a vertical position - more less


To be sincere, I noticed the left elbow of the lying figure, but I considered it as a deforming issue rather than a modeling one, so I decided to ignore it (for the moment, lol :))

Anyway she is very very nice and very well done!


rightly :slight_smile:

Ehi, we want to see also her f… hum, her smoke! :smiley:


ahah, maybe someday I will make visualization with high poly Celty with smoke :smiley:
I would also like to show made gloves for Celty http://blender3d.org.ua/forum/wip/654-60.html#960 . This is also - link to my WIP in Russian forum. It is a pity, that in the end on the picture you can see not all their detail.

Sadly I cannot follow that thread, :), I found only low resolution pictures, anyway the gloves are very nice too imho!

Keep up your nice work!
I will be glad to follow its developments.


The gloves are realy nice!!:yes:

@Shakedown, thanks again for the reviews :slight_smile: