Celular - 60min speedmodell [Now ewith 3DNP]

All modelling and texturing in 60 minutes (Not even subsurf on this one)


I now that the spelling is incorect, but that’s because it’s a title and not THE word

3DNP (Thanks thoro) —> [Klick here]

WOW! Thats very very good job!!! And only 60 min.??? No subsurf??? wow… 5 stars :smiley:

very impressive!

very nice job! :slight_smile:

Its looks great! How’d you get such smooth corners without subsurf?

Great work for only 60 mins!


  1. Make a highly detailed mesh with ‘smooth’ on
  2. Use curves


Thanks! Yes, Modelling 30 minutes, Texturing 30 Minutes

@Yoeri, Felix_Kütt
Thank you!

Thanks, just read the message under yours

Thank you! It was under preasure. You’re right with no.1

Klick here to open the 3DNP

I want a phone like that. looks so cool.

Great job within the time frame.


Nice Job. How did you achieve that metallic look on the buttons of the phone?

Thanks! It’s realy not in production yet though :frowning:

Thank you, It was indeed a short time

The metallic look was made by mapping a radial blend (Colors going from black to white to grey to white to… you get my point) to reflection on the model, pritty easy and pritty good looking :slight_smile:

Hey, nice speed modelling! (and good to see that 3DNP is still in use)