Hi all,

I have been getting very frustrated as an artist the past few years.

If I wish to depict the full human anatomy in any way, I must label it with such tags as :
not safe for work

and many many other undesirable terms.

Any why???

because people want to leave their children unattended while they use the internet. or they have “moral” beliefs they wish to inflict on others.

people think that the internet should be centered around them because they have had children, or they participate in some absurd moral code.

Well, I feel like the internet belongs to EVERYBODY!!!

I also feel that if a parent dose not want their children to see certain things, they should set up a proxy server, or use one of the “net nanny” type of applications.

I feel that if anyone wants to come and tell an artist that they are obscene, should be banned from the art gallery site… Just because they cant handle it!

I feel like the human body is one of the greatest topics for any artist to portray.

I think that it’s not a problem. I can look up naked women anytime. Weather it be pornography, or art, or anatomy pictures.

I don’t know were the censorship is.

Quoted for agreement.

All the nudity tags on threads are for is so that if someone doesn’t want to see nudity, they don’t have to. (Since many people consider nudity offensive.)

So only one opinion should be allowed? That, p00f, is censorship. Your statment denies the reality that obscene art does exist, and that a few people would like to bully others into calling it art.
I have no disagreement with your last statement, just in the way that some people exploit it. I haven’t seen any of your work. so I can honestly say none of these comments are directed toward your work, but only toward the comment that if we don’t agree with you, we should be banned.


yea I should have stated, that this forum is not bad at all… the nudity tag is ok with me…

only if they are disruptive,abusive . or if they are trying to inflict a moral belief on a person or an entire forum…

Take Picasso…
he is one of the greatest artists ever!!
yet I dont like lots of his work…
I dont go around telling people “OMG! Picasso again!! this thread should be labeled”

If I dont like an artists work, I click on a different thread…

where do we stop with labeling?

I find most religious inspired work disturbing. yet I dont go around telling people that they should label it, just to comfort my selfish beliefs .
If I dont like it, I click on something else…in that act, I show respect for ART.

Art, is just like beauty , it is in the eye of the beholder…

once again , this has nothing to do with THIS forum… it is a very open minded place

well… I understand both sides of the issue a bit and both are very relevant. I think that it is a bit unrealistic to expect any group of humans not to desire to have ultimate control over whatever their enviornment is -internet or nation- and the reason for that is exactly because they have children ie. they are concerned over how the present is going to affect the future.

It’s very natural , just like lust. And not everyone is going to look at a naked woman and then intellectualize it. For some it primarily indicates lust.

You may not understand it, but it’s natural and I don’t think we’ll see the end of people’s desire to control the media and ideas anytime in the near future. It’s just a part of being an Earthling and a human.

Like if I said FUCK all the time, for some they’d laugh, other’s would ignore it, while others would get steaming mad. And I respect all 3 of those reactions becasue each of them is relevent it all depends upon your point of view and that is partially what art seeks to express - a certain degree of subjectivism while also remaining objectively potent. So in a sense, peopel’s reaction to what your art is also a form of appreciation of its existence.

If I said that, my mommy would wash my mouth out with soap:).

In the US, there is actually a senator who wants to ban talk radio. seriously. talk about censorship! a whole industry, censored. and radio, no less.

gets up to change the channel, and decides instead to turn the blooming thing off altogether. 87 channels and nothing’s on anyway.

in the US, we are supposed to have freedom of speech…

now in most states, you can only have that right in a “Free speech zone”.

land of the free and home of the… wait… never mind.

I can think of one good example that doesn’t directly involve sex.

The Da Vinci Code was something horrified much of this nation. But they reacted cleverly by encouraging people to go see the movie for themselves or read the book - the logic behind this being that once you read it you can demystify it and also becoem prepared with better counterarguments.

The very nature of the ‘artwork’ at hand was that it was going to be sensational and controversial. Whether or not it was actually something you enjoyed experiencing was less of a priority than rather you were shocked or horrified or not.

In a sense this became the art message of the work. It’s not in the artist’s hands. It’s up to the rest of the world how they will react to what you do.

Some people didnt’ mind it at all.

wait wait wait. chillax for a second while we go over a couple of definitions:

  • If you are not allowed to say something or to show something, or your content is removed without your permission, that is called censorship.

  • If you are asked (forcefully) to warn others and not force your output on others who may not want to hear/see it, that is called common decency.

We ask that you practice the latter here.

Quoted for agreement in this case. Brian… I mean Sam is right.

I was saying nothing about HERE anyways… the reason I ask here, is because of the diversity of the membership.

but just for sport
Censorship is the removal and withholding of information from the public by a controlling group or body.

as long as moderators moderate certain beliefs, or feelings I feel my opinion is in par.(par-golf term)

In the words of DR. Spock,
“the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or one”.

Spock had the right idea in my opinion…

I guess it’s the same deal with people walking around naked in the street. I have no objection if they are hot girls but as soon as a flabby, hairy, sweaty granny comes, no thanks. I let Alltaken have those ones. He still has to get them drunk before he has a chance though.

It’s easy for nudists to say that they have a right to be nekkid but when they are naked in places you don’t want them to be then it’s as if their opinion supercedes yours. At least this forum is run by people open-minded enough not to close, lock, delete even the most obscene threads cough Sago’s cock rock (can’t remember the actual title). That even got into the gallery and rightly so. But some people won’t like it.

My objection in the subject of nudity is not having to put labels on things but how people react to those labels. As soon as you involve any kind of nudity, you are often considered a pervert. This happened to Philovivero remember. It’s totally understandable in some cases but it shouldn’t be the default reaction. Instead of saying, whoa this thread has nudity, the artists is a pervert, they should say hmmm, I’m comfortable with this, I will check it out. Then you judge each piece on whether or not it is obscene.

I don’t think people should be more open minded though simply because if you’ve ever seen a picture of a nudist camp with old men congregating nude with young teenage girls, you can see quite plainly that it’s wrong. And yet probably something you’d want to be involved in if it wasn’t for all the grannys. :eek:

Frankly, I can’t really choose which side I agree with. It’s verey easy to tag your thread (/image/webpage/whatever) with a [nudity] tag, as well as it’s very easy to change pages if you don’t like the content.

With that said, since I tend to go here when I’m bored at school, it would be very nice if I could see which threads had “inappropriate” content (I don’t personally mind it, but I’d be in a room full of idiots and teachers), so I could avoid them, and thus avoid being banned from the computers. Same goes for any website, it doesn’t just apply here.

No, you complained about having to label your work. Read your first post.

It’s hard to lie about what you say when it’s recorded.

Captain Oblivion makes a good point. The tagging dosn’t bother me so much for this reason. There are times when (due to the circumstances of the current time) I would much rather be informed about nude content even though I’m not offended by it.

Other than religion and politics, There isn’t much restriction here at BA (this has already been mentioned), and even then, decent and civil threads make it through.

Censorship is good on some levels. For example, would you want your children (if you had some) to see a person being beheaded on the news without any censorship at all? I’ve seen those videos, and they’re pretty gruesome. I would be traumatized at the sound of the screams and gurgling and the horrific nature of the violence.


I’m sure you would say it’s rude to speak with your mouth full, or to be spoken to in an impolite manner. Yet, this is only a set of ‘social rules’ that have evolved over time as the human existance evolved.

Who is right? The majority who find it impolite to speak while eating or the ones that find it acceptable?

The answer, as we should all know being artists; is that neither is right or wrong. It’s unfortunate that as complicated as the mind may be, it is very easy to manipulate people and brainwash them, as a result, you will find that because the majority of people find explicit nudity offence especially for their young, they will “teach” this to their children and brainwash them into believe nudity = bad. As a result we have a society that has evolved for what ever reasons, to depict nudity as bad for our children.

Some of this may be built around good solid facts (children are more subsectable to becoming addiccted to porn, increased teenage pregnacies etc…) but on more generalised subject such as those that effect our personal feelings or thought and thus an opinion, i.e. nuidty is found as offencive there is no right or wrong answer.

The thing is, dispite what you beleive, we dont all share your opinion. You are being a hypocrit if you try to press your opinions or feelings as law to us and saying cencorship of nudity is wrong, since you are doing the exact same thing they are, but for the opposit reasons.

What we have here at the moment is an acknolagment of nudity, so those who do express an offence or dislike to nudity /nude art can avoid being exposed.

I dont see why you are bitching about it.

Then why have some of my post been deleted and thus cencored if we pratice the latter.

well, yes

I DO want my children to see this, that way I dont have to explain anything to to them.

they see decapitating someone is shocking and wrong.
it is funny…
children dont need explanations for the obvious .

they only need them when parents/government officials need to hide something.

it is sad, here in america, when you ask a child where babies come from, and they draw you a picture of a stork, or a cabage patch .

you ask a child in thailand, they can draw you a pretty nice medical diagram…

so what is better Ignorance , ot truth?

fantasy or reality?

what do you want you children to learn (or not because of local, social standards)

And what happens when your young, devloping child associate beheading of people as an acceptable pratice because people he keeps seeing on TV do it, and we all know TV is good.

The thing is, you’re being to narrow minded when you think of censorship. Sure, there are some social implications that has evolved over the years that brought about stupid things such as the birds and the bees, but that is no reason to say such censorship of nudity is stupid, to say so is being niave in the subject.

Put it this way, the film IT scared the shit out of me as a kid, and I was actually scared to take a shower as a result. Now, had i watched people being torture and killed for real, uncut I would probabily be scared shitless of the outside world. Theres a reason for an 18 rating on films. There is usually a good reason for hiding nudity if you’re bother enough to look in to the subject rather than think “oh well our government say its illegal, thats just stupid to me”