Cenda Tools

Updated for Blender 3.0+

Legacy addons (2.79)


Keying Tools

Numpad Selector

Quick Motion Path

Bake Constraint

NLA Tools


Cache Manager (initial state, delete cache, open cache folder)

Linked Physics (change settings of linked physics - cache file)


Bone Renamer

IK Setup (one step IK setup)

Rig Switcher (tools for better switch between pose, rig and weight paint)


Render Tools (render region ala Softimage)

Render Debug


Change Layout

Viewport Toggles

Ortho View

Set Editor Settings

Modeling Tools (calls different tools by selected context - you don’t need so many hotkeys)


I´m speechless ! Thank you!

Good work. Thanks.

OH GOD thank you!, we’re doing an “animator’s toolbox” with a friend, would you mind we budle some of this stuff in it?
Really a lot of great little features!

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Superbbbb thanks

Awedome man keep it up

These tools are great! If I may ask: Why are you an “Ex-Autodesk” user? Are you using Blender for most of your game-work? Just curious. Thanks for putting these addons together.

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Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

Looch: Of course use it as you want. Just let me know when your toolbox will be public :wink:

Safetyman: It is long story :slight_smile: I started with 3dsmax, but when I try Maya, I was immediately in love! It was so faster with better workflow than 3dsmax. So I switched. But with more and more features (and Autodesk also bought it), it was still more buggy. Sometimes 20% of time on project was spend to bypass bugs. And when I losted all my shaders in big project due to corrupted file, it was time to go :slight_smile: So my last Maya was version 2009. Softimage was very similar and I think that it was one of the best 3D software. But Autodesk bought it too … added many bugs (bug what I reported in Softimage 2010 is still in Softimage 2015) and killed Softimage. So I tried Blender. I wanted to use it only for sculpting, but I was sooooo surprised how good it is. I still missing some animation tools from Softimage (more powerful NLA editor, animation layers etc.), but I believe that one day … :wink:

Also support and repair bugs by developers is amazing! They make bug fixing in several hours and next day I can download new version. It is very important for me. Mainly after my experience with Autodesk.

I am using Blender for all my work last 2 years. Animation, modeling, rendering, compositing …

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Great job! this will come in real handy, thank you :slight_smile:

Superb suite of animation tools, many things I’ve been asking for in master for years. Glad to see someone tackled them all and bundled them up into one package.

how to use change frame with drag ? which keys ?

draguu: It is not set automatically. Add “view3d.change_frame_drag” under 3D View (Global) and set it as you wish. Look at my “manual”.

ok got it … had to add that keymap

the amount of useful addons coming out lately is astonishing. Thanks alot for sharing these! :slight_smile:

yes i found it man , thanks


Great job, thank you!!!

I found the cs_offset_animation may be useful.
But it dont work with rotation.
And it works only with bones, not objects
Can you improove this script?

brothermechanic: Hello, now it is working only with bones + euler rotation. I am supposing that you are using quaternion. I will do support for objects and quaternion too :wink:

The numPad character selection is brilliant