censorship in typography?!

I never really noticed this (because I have such a clean vocabulary) but these boards are edited. You cannot curse. In another post I was trying to say that one of my favorite books is Deadeye DlCK (D L C K) by Kurt Vonnegut but instead it came out Deadeye Dick. Some other words too - fuck the bu****** a******! Anyway, I didn’t know if anyone else ever noticed this. DlCK is automatically changed to PRICK.

PS: Sorry for all of the caps in this post adn to anyone that I have offended. This post was of a purely scientific nature I assure you. I swear I wasn’t yelling at the time :).

Now changing back… into… my normal… errrrr… nonobscene… self! There. All better. You won’t get anymore swearing from me.

yes, there is some automatic censoring on the board, but not too much… Either that or there is a rogue moderator… cough cough :wink:


oh yes we will! :wink: