Centaur (work in progress)


Looking great. Where the hips would be on the man-half looks quite flat, but other than that good stuff :slight_smile:

thanks for comment… :slight_smile:

Lookin good so far. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this looks very good.

I agree about the flat spot there at the hip area. Round that out some.

You going to use Beast or new particle hair?


It’s definately looking good so far, but I think the one crit I have is that the proportions seem to be way off. The horse half seems to be almost from a minature rather than a full sized horse and thus makes the human part seem very big. More or less try to keep each part’s respective scale. ie, the human head is almost as tall as the hoof-knee portion of the leg in your image.

I’m curious as to what you based the image of the human head from (if anything), as it looks familiar somehow, not from a person I know directly, but something like a book cover or something maybe?