Centauri Cruiser(texture update)


I thought making a 3d model of all of the drawings i used to do in junior high school would be cool so I sat down in blender one night and made an entire battlegroup of spaceships from my not-so-distant past… Anyway I think this one was the best of all of them… C&C would be great, oh I dont know where i;m gonna go as far as texturing. If anyone can really explain texturing really well i think i could be going somewhere with this… Most tut’s are really simple, or either too complex, and frustrating… Anyway… I think it looks cool as it is… kinda plastic… Until next time…

If you want to get rid of the plastic look, it will have to have more detail. Try adding armor plating to it, that will add depth.

I dont know really how to make any good textures, and its seems the ones i do make end up looking like crap. nothing will wrap around quite right… I know procedural texturing can be used to do it… and i dont really know how to do UV stuff… I will update with some textures soon though…

The first thing you should do is crop the image, so there isn’t so much empty space around the ship.

Now, it looks like bits of rounded clay have been stuck together to achieve a shape that doesn’t really resemble a ship. I think you should work more on the funtionality of the ship than its apprearance and add things such as boosters, windows and anything else that would go on a space ship.

I think the overall design of the ship should be kept, but just work on the middle section, which looks like clumps of clay stuck together at the moment.

p.s. The wings are good. :wink:

I suppose i should put something else in here to show scale. this is meant to be a huge ship. It can cary a crew of several million!

I know it kinda looks like a bunch of clay, but in a way thats what i was going for. When i first started drawing these sorta ships, I really thought about how an alien species with technology rooted in space would do things. i used the physics principle of most effective shape. The ship is a wierd shape because its design is most efficient that way. Its propulsion is a gravitational thruster… which is in the back of the fin assembly. I also didnt want to do the same old things as far as that goes, because you can only extrapolate things so far.
Though thanks for your comments. I did relook the way its designed and i have made a few improvements.

I am working on smoothing it out a bit. I will get another render out soon. probably tonight. Unfortuatly work has really taken a lot out of me, and a lot of time away from what i want to be doing. :slight_smile:

Ok Its been a while but with my life moving like it is, Its hard to find time to work on this stuff. Anyway I have a new model, I reworked some things, i havent really attempted textures yet, I have really been disapointed by all of my texturing i’ve done so far, so this part will have to wait a little bit longer, anyway I do have a new model that was meant to be a little more streamlined and organic. It still has problems, but I am still not quite sure i like it as much. Anyway I would really appreciate some comments!

The new model is at http://www.geocities.com/steven_b1999/Cruiser_New.jpg

I think the model is really nice, but a textured or at least with materials version could make it more easy to say if something is wrong or not. At the moment it looks perfect to me; btw, I don’t know if this is an original design or not. If it’s your own design, very good work!


hmm, I think you should post a smaller thumbnail like render, it is too huge to fit on most screens…so add a thumbnail-render that’s linking to a the bigger one for others if they want to see a bigger one…

just a tip :slight_smile:

Whew… i have had a busy week and although its hald an hour till friday i’m still feeling the joy. I just started college, and it has taken a lot away from the time i used to spend in blender! Anyway… I havent been able to texture anything really, I really would like some help, I have spent hours just trying to get a texture to work, but it ends up lookling like crap. I end up rendering about half of it then stopping it because it looks so bad.
Anyway env: yes its an original design of mine, though i did have influences, mostly from babylon 5, but mostly its my own little creation!
ztonzy: I’m gonna try and do that now.

I really like this ship, but the others are right it does need details to finish it out such as windows and panels. This can be easily done with textures, and let me tell you how.

Give me a little bit to write a tutorial and I will post it here. I’ll help you out cause I had this same trouble and I had to figure this sort of texturing out basically on my own or by trying to translate 3d max tutorials. I was frustrated with texturing for well over a year.

Okay here we go, follow the link below to view a texturing tutorial. If I left anything out, let me know and I’ll try to fix it. I did just rush this out.


Be warned there are a lot of pictures, so it will take a while to load. Also I will probably remove this page after a few days, so you might want to save it for yourself if you find it useful.

thanks a lot, man, i was trying to texture the whole ship, i never though about breaking the sides into their own textures… thanks I’ll work on that this weekend.

Hey man, hows the ship going. I can’t wait to see some updates.

well this has been held back because of a bunch of computer problems i have had lately. I had an entire computer: mobo, processor, ram, and hard drive crap out on me last sunday, but the good news in the whole thing is that i have a dual p3 850 now to complement my AMD64 3000 for rendering, so i will probably working on another project that is a lot cooler in my opintion, but anyway. I have an update, i havent really worked hard on the texturing, given i havent had a whole lot of time, but this is my first attempt, i know it kinda sux, but I would like to know where i can go from here.


oh and philart, thanks for the tutorial, i tried your technique, and i found myself frustrated because of the unique shapes i have implemented, and i am not quite sure how i;m gonna break up the ship so it will look descent, I have problems as you see in this picture of the texture warping too much around some of the surfaces, I dont know how to fix this, but its one of my major problems. but i did try your technique on another spaceship i was making, just a test sorta thing, and it looked great, though i really need to find out how to to add cool burn marks and scratches and the sort to make things look like they have been flying around in space since the clone wars :slight_smile:

yeah, I admit all the curvies on your ship will make it a good deal more difficult.

Very good tutorial, Philart, thanks for that, you should try to publicise it elsewhere for us noobs.

Well its been a while now, and ihave finally done something that doesnt look retarded, so Here is my plating, its still a little rough but it gives a pretty cool effect, i had a file that had perfect lighting but it crashed during a render(i turned up raytracing stuff, forgot to save, and then watched my computer eat up all my ram, and about 3GB swap in trying to render with all those options, then it died) anyway… i know the lighting is off and i will fix it, but C&C on my new tex would be awesome, texturing things that are small are easy, I’m working with something bigger than a star destroyer. Anyway, Thanks everyone for your comments, I have really learned a lot , and i’m hoping to learn a lot more from some peope who know what they are doing!

here it is



a little more detail, I;m still working out some of the kinks in my textures, but let me know what you all think:)