Centauri patrol

Some centauri ships on patrol on an alien planet. :slight_smile: hey, if you have a craft that cool, you’d be flying low too!



Nice landscape.

Patrols are beautiful, and the motion blur appropriate.

The moon in the sky looks weird.

It seems painted in the sky, nearer than the clouds and, worst of all, lightning is wrong.

That moons takes light from the lower left corner of the image, while the sun is more towards the upper left corner!!!


Nice job. Terragen I presume? The ships look great. I agree with the motion blur, noice effect. Not too much, but just enough.

I have to agree with Stefano on the lightin of the moon. The moon looks good in the image, but it is getting light from the wrong angle. Try to fix that.

Can you post an image of just the ship for us to see?


Cool to see some Babylon 5 CG art !!!

awsome !!

maybe I shall do some :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, updated the moon. :wink: thanks for noticing that, I could’nt figure out what was wrong with it (DOH!)

the model was by Nadab Goksu, and can be found here:

The clouds on the right look blurred. Are they supposed to be moving that fast?