Attached is the model.
Here is a closeup:


Great monster, nice anatomy. The double chin works great.

Thank you ben

Great character! You’ve achieved just about right dose of human and alien look. I also love your take on the centaur theme.

p.s. you should make a signature with your website. some really nice things to see there.

Thank you. It was an idea I had while I was playing in a Sculpting app.

I just changed my signature too, :slight_smile:

excellent work!!

but because it’s so excellent, i’m very distracted by the stepping in the background gradient. get rid of it by enabling dithering and you’ll have a master piece.

like something straight out of doom3, nice

Really nice work. Thx for sharing it.

I’ll try that today, it only happened when I adjusted the contrast in photoshop. Hopefully it will fix it, it bugged me too. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thanks for seeing it! I appreciate it.

Fine work. Your textures and shaders are perfect.

Thank you, I’m still trying to figure out materials in blender after all these years.

Really great work. I like the posing and the attention to anatomy.

EDIT: By the way, just took a peak at your site. It looks really good. I intend to check out the tutorials when I’ve got some free time.

awesome stuff! the texture is just a bit low-res :confused:

Brilliant render there! You mentioned you used a different sculpting app, which one?

EDIT : Nevermind, its says Sculptris on your website. Must try it out someday. Great website you’ve got there mate.

I used Sculptris for the rough concept then retopo’d in blender, sculpted/textured in ZBrush. Render in Blender.

:frowning: – Around the shoulder it shows. It’s more the low resolution of the alpha I used for the texture pattern that caused it. U are very sharp.

Thank you, I am currently doing minor updates to my site too. Next step for the tutorial series is torso anatomy. :smiley:

really excellent work. Could you detail some ie Is it Blender internal or external, were nodes used, sss???

reason why background and shadow are different in detail and full render?

Thank you! The material is extremely simple. It’s just a normal Blinn with no SSS and only 3 maps, diffuse, displacement and normal. Blender internal render with mist and 3 lights. A fill light and 2 rim lights.
The detail render is part of my demo reel, one is to show the model and the other is to show a dramatic render of what it could look like in a scene.

Awesome! I’ve only been working with Blender for about 3 weeks and art like this really inspires me to push through the frustration and forge on! Can’t wait to post my own monsters on here. (though it’ll probably be a while)

I think that maybe you overdid the wrinkles on his chest there…
or maybe they are meant to be scars?

PS: I would’nt like to meet him in the bathroom at night!