"Center cursor" with Camera object?

I’m using Blender 2.49b.

I’ve been trying to arrange cameras with some precision (not just flying them around, etc.), and I was surprised to find that I could not change the rotation point for a camera object. Normally I would position the 3D cursor where I wanted the rotation to go around, and then do Object->Transform->Center Cursor. With “regular” objects (e.g. meshes) this works fine, but with a camera, nothing happens, even though it clearly has a rotation point.

Is the rotation point just hard-coded into the camera and immutable? Is there any way to request that cameras operate like regular objects in this respect? Is there a reason that cameras do not?

You cannot change the center point of a camera.You can rotate it around the 3d curser by changing the pivot point to 3d curser. I believe in 2.49 it is the period key to set this or from the 3d view header.

Can you parent the camera to an empty and then rotate the empty? Then, move the empty to where you’d like the camera to pivot at?