center/mouse wheel not always working

it gets worse with every Blender update. in 2.77 the middle mouse/scroll wheel is hardly usable to look around
anymore! What’s going on?

Mind at least saying what the actual problem is for those that may not be using the middle mouse for navigation.

Time for a new mouse?

press middle mouse in 3D view while moving the mouse the view should rotate. Should but only maybe 50% does so.
my mouse is only some months old and works fine everywhere else.

If it’s a real bug then report it to the bug tracker

I have seen this on my Windows system. It seems to happen if I launch Blender too quickly after a system restart. Another restart and waiting a sufficient time for the system to completely initialize always fixes the problem.

setting to emulate 3 buttons in settings helped a little. If it remains to bad I’ll report a bug.

I recently switched to 3-button emulation because I can’t find a mouse with a middle mouse button that suits me. Retraining the muscle memory now.