Center of CMB pivot problem

First I’m using 2.5.
When I hold down the center mouse button to pivot it apparently has the center pivot point way out in space such that I have to zoom way out to rotate the model to a different view. Typically so far out that I can’t see enough detail to tell if I’m at the ‘side’ I want. I have the cursor centered at the origin and have my model built at the origin. I can select View/Align View/Center View to Cursor. This fixes it so the CMB pivot point is now the cursor which is at the origin but only temporarily. As soon as I zoom or pan it is back out in space somewhere. I’ve looked all over and can’t find where I can specify the center of the CMB pivot point.



From here it seems that ctrl-numpad . sticks while zooming and rotating, but as soon as I pan the lock is off. Which makes sense, but it would be cool if you could set the cursor anywhere and the view would center to it, like another method of navigation. I think the cursor would get more love then…

Have you selected in user prefs>interface>rotate around selection?

Thanks, that was indeed the fix I was looking for and I agree with your comment regarding the cursor. Of course with my familiarity with my other 3D modeling app (Alibre) hot keys I’m continually moving the cursor accidentally. But, I still like the idea. Thanks for the quick and accurate answer.

No problem, you can also go to user prefs> input > select with Left, that may help with your cursor movement, it will be set to right click instead :slight_smile: