center of edges

what is the trick to find the middle of an edgte with the Shift-S command

i can see see the center command but this will bring the two verticies together not exaclty what i wanted - just wnat to find the middle - it can be done with the subdivide but i’a seen this refered to and like to understand it !


i am not exactly sure what you mean, do you want to objects to merge at the center of the grid or what? isn’t the center command the middle command?


If you just want to know what is the center of an edge, select the 2 verts at the end points. Now the widget (if you have it turned on) is at the center of the edge. Use the N key to find the precise location. If you want to position the cursor at the center, select the 2 end points, then press shift s…cursor to selection.

If you want to put a vertex at the center you can either:

  1. Use subdivide as you mentioned
  2. Use the knife tool - shift k…and select the midpoint option.

Best of Luck!

Um, shift-S > cursor to selection

I’m not sure if it takes your pivot type into account or if it just move the cursor to the median point of the selection.

Oh heck, obi said that …

FWIW, you can get an update on the position of your 3d cursor in the view properties window. I usually leave these things open given adequate space (also, you can resize the floater windows with num +- while hovering the mouse on them).