'Center of mass' way off....

Sometimes, when I set origin to Center of Mass, its way off, like here… Anyone of you fine gents may explain this?



centerofmass.blend (478 KB)

Oh so its got to do with the object being located off 0,0,0, WITHIN the edit mode…

I think you need a face to be able to set origin to center of mass; if you don’t want a face set the origin to Geometry.

I’m assuming you want to duplicate that shape along the curve. Correct?

Center the mesh object at 0,0,0 on the grid, as best you can, in edit mode. As it’s origin is already at 0,0,0 there’s no need to move it around.

Once that’s done go into object mode select the curve object, and hit Shift-s. Choose cursor to selected.
The cursor will now be at the origin of the curve object. Now select the mesh object. Hit shift-s, this time choosing selected to cursor. The mesh object will now move to the same location in 3d space as the curve.

Switch the modifiers back on and the object should now duplicate around the curve object.

The objects need to share the same location to work properly. Apologies if I’ve misunderstood what you were asking about. :slight_smile: