center of rotation

when i rotate the figure with R it rotates on the red hexagonal.
see first and second picture.
but when i look at the animation with alt A or the movie i see that the red hexagonal moves up and down.
any ideas?
i can send the blend file - it is 2meg.


Sounds like a bug to me. You don’t have any constraints set to it do you?

no contraints co i do not know enuf to use them!

After you click R (for rotate)
Click (X, Y or Z) depending on the axis you want to rotate along.

If you rotate a figure and you want that rotation to be the “default” rotation(or Set the rotations of X,Y,Z to 0,0,0):
Select the figure and click Ctrl+A

maybe not, click File-Compress, save and send me the file… (i’ll take a look)
snowshoe [] gmail [] com

When you rotate the body(sphere) based on the cursor, there is a few values (rotation & location) that change inorder to accomplish this “fake” rotation along the red cylinder.

So when you make a key, at 1, and a key at 31… blender tries to find the easiest way to advance from 1 to 31. You told it “here is loc+rot at 1” and “here is loc+rot at 31.” There is nothing telling it to rotate ALONG the cursor from 1 to 31. There is nothing telling it to rotate ALONG the red cylinder.

What you CAN do is create an empty in the location of the cursor, parent body(sphere) to this empty. Then tell blender to “rotate from 1 to 31, along this empty”


Parent the body(sphere) to the red cylinder and rotate the cylinder, telling blender to “rotate from 1 to 31, along the red cylinder…”

THANKS very much
please explain- along the cursor

You’re welcome.

When you hit R in blender, blender rotates the selected object(s) along the “pivot” point. You had the “3D Cursor” selected as the Pivot point, which was located at the center of (or snapped to the) red cylinder.

but i wanted it to rotate on the center of the red cylinder.
so what did i do wrong?