Center Pivot onto Object

How can I center the pivot on the selected object? Please

Thank you

First you need to decide if you want the pivot or the object origin (large orange dot) at the centre of the geometry. Don’t confuse them, they are different. The pivot can be set to anywhere but I assume you want to move the origin and then use that origin as the pivot point.
Press T t show the toolshelf and use the ‘Origin’ button and set the origin to geometry. This is also accessible from shortcut Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C or through the Object / Transform menu entry.
You can then set the origin to be the pivot point, it its not already by pressing the comma key

Excellent, that’s precisely what I was looking.
The more I use Blender, the more I am impressed and I’m sure I only scratching the surface. Still with comp, motion tracking, etc etc to go… looking forward to dive deeper.
Once again, thank you.