Center Problem When Moving Object in pose mode

I am using 2.49 so have the center new button in place. When I move my model using the armature bone (moving the whole model) in pose mode, the center gets left behind. Using any of the 3 buttons does not bring the center back to the model center. I have ignored this on my first animation and it doesn’t seem to matter, but it can’t be right to leave centers some distance from the objects they are meant to inhabit. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.


could u post the .blend plz?

Thanks for the response, I am going to animate further to see if it causes problems. If it doesn’t then I’m not going to worry about it.

Technically, the center of the object gets ‘left behind’ when you pose the character in pose mode because you haven’t really moved the object, you only moved the armature and the mesh in pose mode. If you animate a character walking away from it’s starting point and you were to hit the ‘rest pose’ button, the armature will return to it’s initial pose and placement. Let’s say you create a walk of the character walking along the y-axis, you’re setting keyframes for the armature. Now if you wanted the character to walk along the x-axis, you could grab it in object mode, rotate the object and insert keyframe for the object’s rotation. Now the character would walk along the new direction that the object is rotated in… Hope this clears things up a bit…


Thanks for your response. I think I understand. I can basically ignore the center while animating.

These offsets are captured relative to the object’s “center.”

Thank you for this important message… I was wondering why the center point is left behind… Now I see the sense. The post is 10years Old but its very handy now. kudos guys.