center while zooming

I come from paint shop pro, which has the neat effect of centering the image wherever the cursor is when zooming. In this way you can scroll around the image simply by zooming in and out while moving the cursor. Also it is more intuitive to me than zoom 'n pan because I want to see the part I am working on in context and it is rarely centered vis-a-vis the object. Zooming to the center of the view window virtually never shows me what I want to see.

Is there a hot-key, or has someone suggested this before?

I started with Blender at the same time I was teaching myself TurboCAD, which has the ability of zooming at the cursor location as well as maintaining the ‘workplane’ perspective (Think of going from the first floor to a floor above with the camera maintained at a level angle). It always has bugged me that Blender doesn’t allow this.

I’ve been with Blender for about a year and half, and have not seen an implementation of this feature.