Centering 3D Cursor/Home in v. 2.49

I’m currently doing a tutorial which is repeatedly telling (and showing) me that shift + c centers the 3d cursor on the screen and that the HOME key returns you to your objects if you, say, zoom out too far.

However, he’s usibg 2.44 or so and in my version 2.49, both functions cause me to lose all of my objects and screen to a point that I cannot find them anymore. Am I doing something wrong or have those hotkey functions been replaced?


Those keys still work for me.
You might have an object so far away that when you view all your objects, the view has to move too far out.

Try selecting the object itself (use the outliner to select it), then press ALT-G in the 3D window to center the object to the world. The message will say Clear Location?. Click on it.

Just hit home. Then hit “A” you’ll see you have an object out in the middle of nowhere. Then just deselect the other objects (or un-select all, and select the object that’s a million miles away) Delete that guy, then hit home again, you’ll be cool.