Centering Object Origin in Blender 2.59

Hi, I wasn’t sure where to post this but decided on animation and rigging because the problem does have to do with a simple animation I’m trying to make.

Here’s the project: I made a simple UFO looking thing and made it so that it moves around a little, and would like to make it spin as well.

Here’s the problem: The origin or axes or whatever it is, is not in the center of the UFO, so when I try to make it spin, it just moves in a circle around the origin. I have found solutions to this problem for older versions of blender, but they don’t seem to work. Can anyone help me fix this on blender 2.59? Thanks!

In Object mode: Object>Transform>Origin to Geometry

In Edit Mode: Set the 3D cursor at the Median point of the selected vertices, then in Object mode, use Object>Transform>Origin to 3D Cursor. This lets you choose a specific point for the origin, and is helpful when modeling has made the object asymmetrical.

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Chipmasque: thank you! that helped a lot.

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