Centering the camera view to the viewport?

Hello , in all my scenes in my blender file the camera is somehow zoomed out and panned so far, that i cannot find the camera view again… no amount of panning or scrolling the mousewheel gets my camera back , im basically just looking at the black passepartout.

there seems to be no hotkey to re-center the view to the camera again … this problem affects all my cameras in all scenes, also new cameras in new scenes.

totally stuck here.

Try pressing the home key in camera view (zero on the numpad)

the numpad 0 switches between perspective view and camera view.that wont help.

Sounds really strange. Try this:
Select a single object first in the outliner
Menu-> View-> Frame Selected

i got it, it was the home key, which is “pos1” on my german keyboard and is in another place.

thanx alot man !

Your Welcome.