Central origin point, applying rot/size

Have had an extensive search, but for the life of me I can’t turn up answers to these questions:

i) How can I check origin points on a mesh & associated armature? How can I change these points once I’ve found them? ie- I need to realign a mess of origin points to a central point.

ii) Once I’ve applied rotation and size (control+A under object mode) to my mesh & armature, will this first setting be bound forever, or will subsequent loc/rot settings overwrite this initial setting? If the first setting is forever bound, can I remove it somehow somehow?

With thanks in advance.

Found an answer to (ii) above… seems that new applications of ‘apply rot/size’ do overwrite older settings.


Not sure exactly if I understand what you’re asking. If you press Nkey in Edit or Object Mode you get info you can transform too. Object has more options. If you change something and CTRL-A you change it [again] = so not exactly ‘forever’. If you done something you’re not happy with try Ukey in Edit mode to undo, or CTRL-Zkey in Object mode. Hope that helps :-?

  1. First an explanation: when in object mode you move an object and iots object center goes with it. When in Edit mode you move the object’s mesh and the object center remains where it is. That’s how they get out of whack. Check them: when object is selected the Object Center is purple, yellow when unselected. You can select objects in the Outliner with LMB. Return the object to its center or the center to its object with the Center, CenterNew and CenterCursor buttons in F9.

  2. Ctrl-A will reset (initialize) your R and S data but not G as it’s current position will always be relative to 0,0,0. Any subsequant R and S translations will be added to the Ctrl-A data and Alt-R or Alt-S will return to the Ctrl-A state. Data prior to Ctrl-A is lost (unless you save backups).


Wow- two great replies in ~5 minutes. Thanks for the help, folks- have saved me a lot of heartache. :stuck_out_tongue: